Creating a Showcase: Drama in the Theatre slash

Just like every piece of art, FITSOUT’s first showcase has a story behind it. Join us as we roll back the curtains and invite everyone to take a glimpse into our creative vision.

This photograph and its creation show a great deal about the ambition driving FITSOUT. Our team searched relentlessly to find the perfect location, one that would highlight all of the defining features of the collection, while solidifying FITSOUT’s ability to use contrasting themes to build beauty. The photograph was taken in an elegant, but well-worn theatre. With a close look, the tarnished and used wood flooring is visible. The surroundings on the stage were also carefully selected to intricately contrast the furniture line. This contradiction provided a backdrop that put FITSOUT’s new collection at the center of attention.

We worked through the night to get the perfect shot. The ambiance in the dark theatre allowed us to set up a soft lighting system that shows off the sophisticated details woven into the furniture. Our team also spent an incredible amount of time and discipline making sure that every detail, down to the coffee in the coffee cups was perfect. A coffee maker was even taken to the set and fresh coffee was brewed throughout the night. Our dream was to bring every sense possible into this photograph.


[Special thanks to Darius Petrulaitis Photography]


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