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“Fitsout” company owns and operates the brand new largest bespoke furniture factory in Europe. The latest and unique wood, metal and acrylic furniture manufacturing technologies are integrated together with LEAN, ISO and innovative ERP management system within 20 180 sq. m. production area.

A brand new, high capacity production facility is settled in Kaunas, Lithuania – geographically advantageous location for logistics allowing to reach any country in Europe within 2-5 days.


FITSOUT team of professionals – architects, designers, engineers, technologists, carpenters, sourcing and logistics specialists, project managers – has more than 20 years experience delivering tailored world-class fit out solutions to customers.

Growing number of renowned design houses and international well-known brands operating network of retail stores, hotels, offices, restaurants globally are trusting us with their unique projects.

We are partnering with our clients, sharing their ambitions, challenges and luck – with the involvement of our team helping them create a lasting legacy through the outstanding interiors.

FITSOUT is a part of “Vertas Management” – an international investment company that’s active in real estate, aviation, IT and other areas of infrastructure. With a current net asset value of over €300 million, “Vertas Management” continues to successfully grow and raise capital worldwide.


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