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in-house facilities slash

We are equipped to handle any application with ease.
FITSOUT’s brand new 20 180 sq. m. in-house production line ensures top quality and total reliability. Our skilled professionals give 100% attention to the project at hand every day, maintaining focus on the client’s requirements and vision.

We give great importance to sustainability and care for the environment throughout the entire manufacturing process.


wood & acrylic workshop slash


Only the latest machinery ensuring most effective processes of various wood works: cutting, 5 axis milling, automatic edge banding, veneering, and much more.
Professional technologists with more than 20 years experience in furniture production not only know the qualities of each material, but also takes the most appropriate way to process wood or acrylic so that it not only fulfills designer vision but is also durable and compatible with other materials used in creating unique furniture design.

mild steel & stainless steel workshop slash


Stainless Steel is used very extensively for most modern interior furnishings involving metal. Many hinges, slides, supports and body pieces are composed of Stainless. It has a high tensile strength, allowing it to be applied using hollow tubes, reducing weight and increasing user accessibility.

High-tech laser cutting, CNC milling, lathing, drilling, bending technologies are used to produce even the most complicated furniture at our factory.

surface finishing slash


Limitless surface treatment – lacquering, powdercoating, aging, staining, brushing, polishing, antique silvering are just very few from our wide spectrum.

Surface finishing processes can be categorized by how they affect the workpiece: Removing or reshaping finishing.

Today we are counting more than 80 different surface finishing techniques what can make each furniture or interior design stand out.

furniture assembly & quality check slash


Every detail at Fitsout is precisely thought through – this ensures smooth assembly and highest quality result. Each process is based on Lean Kaizen, which helps to get rid of waste and continuously implement best practices.