Fitsout and Vilnius Academy of Arts met to create iconic furniture slash

The project started at the beginning of February when Arūnė Džiugelienė, Fitsout Business Development Director, met students at Vilnius Academy of Arts and presented Fitsout company. Arūnė says that the purpose of this cooperation is to introduce business and academic community to each other. It is very useful to understand processes, specific working features and the importance of teamwork. Now we became a team and students have the unique possibility to use Fitsout‘s know-how and its innovative factory to bring their ideas to life.


On the 6th of February, students visited Fitsout factory, where the senior metal technologist Deividas Mileška introduced our brand new and innovative in-house production. Deividas says that it was the main purpose to show that we have everything under one roof: wood, metal and acrylic furniture manufacturing technologies are integrated together with LEAN, ISO and innovative ERP management system within 20 180 sq. m. production area. Students can use all the equipment we have here and with our help create any outstanding and complex furniture they have vision of.



Later students, together with the Director of Human resources Mindaugas Armalas, Arūnė Džiugelienė and the VAA lecturer Šarūnas Šlektavičius started a discussion of how every single person in Fitsout company handles each part of the process. Mindaugas Armalas emphasized the importance of project management. „Next to the sales managers, we have projects managers who not just keep close contact with the clients, but also run the whole circle of project management: architectural planning, engineering, prototyping & development, production, logistics, and installation. Arūnė says that the project manager should know how to analyze architectural set, absorb the information and offer value-engineering solutions to customer or simply just better ways to make the project successful.



The VAA and Fitsout project will last 4 months, and the best student work will be presented in Fitsout showrooms, international fairs, and furniture catalogues. Both parts believe that this teamwork can build the most wanted furniture for workspaces in the world.



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