Fitsout Unveils Its First Furniture Collection slash

FITSOUT, a furniture manufacturer providing fitouts worldwide, has announced the completion of its first furniture line. By carefully designing, selecting, and producing the new collection, FITSOUT is now showcasing a tangible example of its technological possibilities.

Inspired from modernized Art Deco, FITSOUT’s first line focuses on implementing geometrical embellishments while seamlessly marrying contrasting materials to create beautiful works of art.  “These items are not just furniture; this line embodies everything for which our company will stand. We will offer our clients ultramodern options that are only possible with our unmatched technological capacities. This collection represents the attitude and vision of our company: the possibilities of combining different materials and their textures, the highest quality of technical execution, flawless precision, and aesthetic perception,” describes Arune Dziugeliene,  director of  FITSOUT’s business development department.

Throughout each year, FITSOUT plans to release several collections to the public. Each new line will be highly unique so that clients can fully grasp how outstanding our skillsets are. The collections will be displayed at various exhibitions around the world: the GlobalShop exhibition in Chicago, USA (2019); Salone del Mobile in Italy (2019); and the Euroshop exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany (2020).

FITSOUT also plans to set up a design center where young professionals will be able to come and gain experience while possibly even implementing ideas and showcasing them through FITSOUT’s media channels.

Jonas Stragis, CEO of FITSOUT, made the following statement concerning FITSOUT and the direction it is taking, “We are full of ideas. We want to provide benefits to our clients while increasing the furniture production industry in Lithuania and educating students and professionals looking to broaden their skillsets. At this point, we are focused on completing the construction of the factory and smoothing out all the processes, so that we can start production and implementing our first orders. Our services have already been requested  by various brands in the fashion, hotel, and restaurant industries.”

To fulfill any client’s needs, the factory will be able to process and combine wood, metal, acrylic, glass, stone, leather, fabrics, decorative coatings and much more. FITSOUT’s specialists have the expertise to combine aesthetics and beauty with electrical components and security systems of various complexities. This feature is extremely important for customers representing expensive brands.

The brand new, 20 000 sq. m.,  FITSOUT factory  FITSOUT will start production  at the end of this year. Once completed, this factory will be the most modern furniture factory in central Europe. FITSOUT’s top-of-the-line technology, the organization of innovative processes, and its highly qualified staff will set it apart from any other factory in the region. The entire company is projected to create more than 800 jobs by 2022.


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